Freshwater Fish



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Scientific name: Badis Badis

Difficulty Level: Easy

Origin:  India

Water Parameters

Temp 73-79

PH 6.5 - 7.5

KH 10 - 15

TDS 200 - 400


These Dwarf Chameleon fish are carnivores so they love protein. We alternate between brine shrimp, daphnia and live black worms.  We make a frozen blend inhouse with proteins, vegetable and some spice. They really love it. We alternate all the options for them. Giving them a stable diet is incredibly important.


Live Arrival Guarantee:

We guarantee our fish will arrive alive to you. If one should not the cost of the fish will be refunded to you. Please send us a picture of the unopened bag within two hours of scheduled delivery. We can not guarantee live arrival if a mishap with the shipper occurs. We can not refund shipping, we can refund or replace the loss after pictures are sent and approved.



Once you receive your Badis, please take a picture of them in their bag to send to us. We would like to hear from you after you receive them. After you open the bag, acclimate them slowly in a container adding small amount of your tank water to the container every few minutes for two hours. You can do this with an air line hose and valve or just by adding small amounts at a time. Slow and steady changes will be better for them. Once you are confident they have settled in, move them into their new tank. They will lose some color during transport, so be patient and they will color up in their new home. Your home!


Our tanks:

We feed them twice a day alternating between their food options. We use inert substrate (sand) of various colors. We use sponge filters in all their tanks. They enjoy caves and caverns made of rocks which we rearrange every water change. This gives them a new sense of adventure every week. The males color up handsomely alternating their blue, green and purple colors. The females are are egg scatterers in caves and on the substrate. We provide for her medium size rocks, as to sift and make a home and also give her hiding caves. Dad will watch over their eggs as will wiggle after three days. Once the fry are free swimming, walters worms and vinegar eels are provided for them. As they get bigger so do their meals. These are so fun to watch. Enjoy!


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