About Us!

It all started last year. I had one fish tank, mind you we had this one fish tank for 5 years, in it were Jack Dempsey's, Silver Dollars and Convicts. On a sunny Sunday morning, my son in law mentions to me that I had babies in the tank. I had to get a new tank for the other fish, knowing I couldn’t possibly catch all the fry. I didn’t even know they were called that.
So I found a man with a 30 gallon bow face tank online, I went to Aurora and brought it home. I did a lot of research to quick set the tank to move the Jacks and the Silver Dollars. All of a sudden, the three Jack Dempsey's were fighting. I thought they were boys fighting for the girl, Oh no, it was the ladies fighting for “Jack” I obviously had to do something.
I went online and found a gal that had a really nice hex tank. I went to her place to pick it up and she says to me, “Chelle, How many tanks would you like”? I said, “I love this hex tank” She had 7 tanks set up in her living room, she offered them all to me, after quick pause, I said, “I’ll take them” I get all 7 tanks home, I call friends and family to meet me at the house to organize this monster load of tanks, stands and equipment. We get another tank set up for the One single Jack Dempsey that was losing the fight. Mind you I still have Silver Dollars in the tank as well. The next day, I am not even kidding you, after moving the single female from the tank, the Jack Dempsey pair had spawned.
Now I need another tank.Good thing I have them now. We set up another tank for the Silver Dollars. Now within one week, I went from one tank to four. Talk about a crash course in fish keeping. Convicts with fry in one tank, Jack Dempsey's with fry in another and the Silver Dollars and Jack Dempsey in tanks on their own.
This was when my real love for fish began and it has grown with every additional spawn. I have now officially opened 5280 Fish Inn, LLC with more than 60 tanks in the basement of my home. It’s absolutely an incredible feeling, We welcome you all to experience the love and rewards that come along with this incredible, they say hobby, I say life.
Happy Fishinn, Y’all


Little Jack Dempsey Faces